2017 Honda Civic Sedan LX


64,113 Miles
Drive Type
Front Wheel Drive
Gasoline Fuel 4 Cylinder Engine


Welcome to Janssen Kool Honda! Great Choice on this 2017 Honda Civic Sedan LX with CRYSTAL BLACK PEARL Exterior and Ivory interior.
With 63957 miles

No Accidents!


• Automatic air conditioning is a completely integrated electronic system. The system automatically adjusts thermostat and fan settings as needed to maintain a preset temperature. The system may also be operated manually when preferred.
• The angle of the steering wheel is adjustable manually.
• The distance of the steering wheel from the driver is manually adjustable.
• The seating surfaces are covered in cloth.
• The seating surfaces are covered in cloth.
• A system that filters the air before it enters the passenger compartment of the vehicle.
• Rear underseat ducts direct HVAC airflow to the rear passenger compartment from under the front seats.
• Separate driver and front passenger seats with individual control are provided.
• The front center armrest can slide.
• The seatback folds forward to rest on the seat cushion.
• The vehicle's glass is lightly tinted.


• Cruise control maintains a preset vehicle speed; automatically increasing or decreasing throttle to maintain that speed.
• A spring-loaded flap replaces the traditional screw-in style gas cap.
• An area is provided to securely hold beverages.
• The passenger side door mirror is adjusted from the interior of the vehicle by an electric switch, which can modify the angle of the mirror surface.
• An interior, rear-view mirror that has a manually operated switch that adjusts the mirror slightly, up or down, to reduce glare from traffic at night.
• The second-row of glass on the side of the vehicle can retract into the body electrically.
• A two-stage power door lock system can unlock the driver's door only or, if desired, all doors.
• One-touch up power windows raise the glass completely with one press (or pull) of the button.
• Heating elements on the rear windshield.
• A message, or chime to indicate the key is still in the ignition when the engine is not running and the driver's door has been opened, or the key is out of range of the vehicle.
• A message, or specific light illuminates to indicate the vehicle needs to be taken in for routine servicing (oil change).
• A trip odometer counts the miles or kilometers the vehicle travels and can be reset by the driver.
• Auxiliary controls for the audio system are located on the steering wheel.

Exterior and Appearance

• Pearl paint is a base/clear paint containing mica flakes that absorb and reflect light in a prismatic fashion. This causes the color to look different depending on the angle of view.

In-car Entertainment

• Wireless audio streaming - Strike the cord. With wireless streaming, the endless library of music on your mobile device is available through your vehicle's sound system! Make a playlist befitting of your road trip as it rolls along; let the back seat passengers control the selection; catch up on your favorite podcasts. With wireless audio streaming, all you have to do is press play.

Powertrain and Mechanical

• Variable valve control allows the lift, duration and/or timing of the intake or exhaust valves to be altered while the engine is in operation.
• A continuously variable transmission (CVT) eliminates the gears of a traditional transmission. Power from the engine is transmitted by a drive belt or chain system connecting two conical pulleys. As the driver operates the throttle, the belts slide up and down the pulleys, creating a continuously variable gear ratio that is ideal for the moment. The operation is seamless, with no upshifts or downshifts.
• This feature permits the driver to choose different transmission shift management programs for an automatic transmission. Some vehicles have a system that features a performance shift pattern that holds the transmission in each gear longer to maximize acceleration, as well as an economy shift mode for a smoother, more fuel efficient operation. Some vehicles, mainly trucks and SUV's, feature a Tow/Haul mode that changes the shift pattern (or locks out the overdrive gear) to reduce sudden upshifts and downshifts when towing or hauling heavy loads.
• Power to drive the vehicle is delivered to the front wheels.

Safety and Security

• Rear camera - Watching your back! The rear camera helps you see obstacles and hazards you otherwise couldn't by showing enhanced images of what is behind you. The rear camera is an extra set of eyes that's both convenient and safe.
• Brake assist - Stop right there. Something jumps out into the middle of the road and you need to stop now! With brake assist, you will. It uses the speed of the brake pedal's travel to sense panic braking, then applies all available power to boost your stopping power. Brake assist can stop the accident before it is one.

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