2017 Kia Optima LX


53,922 Miles
Titanium Silver
Drive Type
Front Wheel Drive
Gasoline Fuel 4 Cylinder Engine


Welcome to Janssen Kool Honda! Great Choice on this 2017 Kia Optima LX with Titanium Silver Exterior and Black interior.
With 53454 miles

No Accidents!


• The vehicle's glass is lightly tinted.
• The entire passenger compartment floor is covered with flooring material.


• Cruise control with steering wheel mounted controls. Set it and forget it. Road trips used to be stressful, until cruise control set the pace. Simply set the desired speed using the steering wheel mounted controls and it will maintain that speed without driver intervention. This can help minimize driver fatigue and improve overall fuel economy. Resting your right foot is right at your fingertips thanks to cruise control with steering wheel mounted controls.
• The keyfob and ignition key are integrated into one unit.
• An area is provided to securely hold beverages.
• The passenger side door mirror is adjusted from the interior of the vehicle by an electric switch, which can modify the angle of the mirror surface.
• A means of expanding the visor's coverage in one or more directions. Also, visors that have a secondary visor that is used for front shading if the main visor is turned to the side.
• The visor has an illuminated mirror incorporated into its design.
• An interior, rear-view mirror that has a manually operated switch that adjusts the mirror slightly, up or down, to reduce glare from traffic at night.
• A trip computer calculates and can display any, or all of the following functions: current fuel consumption, average speed, distance traveled, elapsed time, distance to empty and remaining fuel.
• The first-row of glass on the side of the vehicle can be raised and lowered by electric motors.
• The second-row of glass on the side of the vehicle can retract into the body electrically.
• The vehicle's front wiper system has low and high speeds, as well as a variable intermittent setting to change the pause length between wipes.
• Heating elements on the rear windshield.
• The keyfob has a dedicated button for unlocking the cargo area trunk/hatch/door.
• A message, or specific light illuminates to indicate the vehicle's charging system is not producing acceptable levels.
• A message, or specific light illuminates to indicate the vehicle needs to be taken in for routine servicing (oil change).
• A message, or specific light illuminates to indicate the temperature of the fluid within the vehicle's transmission has risen beyond acceptable levels.
• A trip odometer counts the miles or kilometers the vehicle travels and can be reset by the driver.
• The intensity of the instrument panel lighting can be adjusted manually.
• The inner door panels have integrated storage bins.
• A full floor console separates the front seating areas and divides the footwell.
• Manually folding exterior mirrors can pivot on a joint to bring the mirror housing closer to the vehicle body.
• The driver's foot rest, or dead pedal, is located on the left side of the driver's footwell.
• The cargo area floor is covered with carpet.

In-car Entertainment

• Touchscreen - flat out convenient. Say goodbye to the twists and turns of your daily drive...we're talking about buttons and knobs of course! Touchscreen allows you to control certain features with your fingertips, making it easy to use while also providing information at a glance. With touchscreen, your fingerprints will be all over your drive.

Powertrain and Mechanical

• Variable valve control allows the lift, duration and/or timing of the intake or exhaust valves to be altered while the engine is in operation.
• An automatic transmission eliminates manual clutching and shifting. It uses a fluid coupling system to transfer torque to the drive shaft, automatically advancing through the range of gears.
• Power to drive the vehicle is delivered to the front wheels.
• Speed sensing steering governs the amount of power assist inversely proportional to speed. The system provides greater assist when the vehicle is moving slowly, decreasing assist as speed increases.

Safety and Security

• Rear camera - Watching your back! The rear camera helps you see obstacles and hazards you otherwise couldn't by showing enhanced images of what is behind you. The rear camera is an extra set of eyes that's both convenient and safe.
• Brake assist - Stop right there. Something jumps out into the middle of the road and you need to stop now! With brake assist, you will. It uses the speed of the brake pedal's travel to sense panic braking, then applies all available power to boost your stopping power. Brake assist can stop the accident before it is one.

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