2020 Dodge Durango GT Plus


79,236 Miles
Granite Clearcoat
Drive Type
All Wheel Drive
Gasoline Fuel V6 Cylinder Engine


Welcome to Janssen Kool Honda! Great Choice on this 2020 Dodge Durango GT Plus with Granite Clearcoat Exterior and Black interior.
With 79225 miles

No Accidents!


• Heated steering wheel - A warm touch. Trying to drive with bulky winter gloves on isn't always easy. Keep your hands warm in cold temperatures so you can ditch the mitts and get a firm grip with this heated steering wheel.
• Dual zone HVAC provides separate temperature controls for the driver and front passenger.
• Rear HVAC with separate controls provides rear passengers their own climate controls.
• Automatic air conditioning is a completely integrated electronic system. The system automatically adjusts thermostat and fan settings as needed to maintain a preset temperature. The system may also be operated manually when preferred.
• The steering wheel has sections wrapped in leather and sections of metal-look plastic.
• The distance of the steering wheel from the driver is manually adjustable.
• A system that filters the air before it enters the passenger compartment of the vehicle.
• Separate driver and front passenger seats with individual control are provided.
• A single center armrest divides the front seating positions.
• 8-way passenger seat - Comfort that conforms to you! It doesn't matter how long your ride is; if you aren't comfortable every trip feels like a chore. With 8-way passenger seat, finding the perfect position is easy, so you can sit back, (or up, or a little forward), relax and enjoy the journey.
• The seatback folds forward to rest on the seat cushion.
• An anti-whiplash head restraint actively cushions the head and neck in the event of a collision.
• Some of the vehicle's glass has a dark, privacy tint.
• The front passenger seat folds forward and forms a flat loading area so long items may be carried within the vehicle.


• Cruise control maintains a preset vehicle speed; automatically increasing or decreasing throttle to maintain that speed.
• Power open and close liftgate - On-demand access. When your arms are full of cargo, the last thing you want to do is set it all down just to open the liftgate, then pick it all back up to load it in. By remotely opening and closing, power liftgate lets you skip straight to the loading. It also eliminates the awkward stretch to reach up for the liftgate to close it. Load and go with power open and close liftgate.
• Keyfob engine start control - Get an early start. Remotely start your vehicle's engine from the key fob, ensuring your ride is ready to go when you get in. Now you can stay comfortable inside while your vehicle gets comfortable outside, thanks to Keyfob engine start control.
• Keyfob window control - Open up remotely. Get a head start on cooling off your hot vehicle by letting fresh air in before you even get to the door. Roll the windows down using your keyfob, and enjoy a more comfortable entry into your vehicle, thanks to Keyfob window control.
• A spring-loaded flap replaces the traditional screw-in style gas cap.
• Displays the temperature of the ambient air outside the vehicle.
• An interior, rear-view mirror that has a manually operated switch that adjusts the mirror slightly, up or down, to reduce glare from traffic at night.
• A trip computer calculates and can display any, or all of the following functions: current fuel consumption, average speed, distance traveled, elapsed time, distance to empty and remaining fuel.
• Heating elements on the rear windshield.
• A trip odometer counts the miles or kilometers the vehicle travels and can be reset by the driver.
• A systems monitor is a display screen that provides the driver with vehicle information and/or warnings in graphical and/or textual form.
• Auxiliary controls for the audio system are located on the steering wheel.
• The glove box is equipped with a light that automatically turns on when the glove box is opened.

Exterior and Appearance

• A lip style rear spoiler is an additional, molded air foil piece attached to the rear of the vehicle. This type of spoiler has no gap between it and the vehicle.
• A front license plate bracket provides a dedicated means to mount a front plate to the front bumper or fascia of the vehicle.
• A modern multi-layer paint with a layer of very durable clear paint covering the pigment or color layer.

Powertrain and Mechanical

• Variable valve control allows the lift, duration and/or timing of the intake or exhaust valves to be altered while the engine is in operation.
• This transmission feature allows the driver to shift gears manually without depressing the clutch pedal.
• An automatic transmission eliminates manual clutching and shifting. It uses a fluid coupling system to transfer torque to the drive shaft, automatically advancing through the range of gears.
• All-wheel drive supplies power to both the front and rear axles all the time. Power is instantly redirected by the center differential to the wheels with greater traction when slip is detected. Unlike full-time 4-wheel drive systems, there is no 2-speed transfer case for 4WD Low operation.
• An electric power-assisted steering system replaces the traditional hydraulic system with a dedicated electric motor and sophisticated electronics.

Safety and Security

• The vehicle is equipped with a camera that displays an image of the area behind the vehicle on an interior display.
• Daytime running lights provide headlamp illumination as soon as the vehicle is started.
• The vehicle's rear brakelights are equipped with light-emitting diodes (LEDs).
• When the vehicle is turned off the headlamps automatically turn off after a preset time delay.
• 4-wheel anti-lock brakes use computer-controlled sensors to continuously monitor the rotational speed of each wheel. When impending wheel lockup is detected the computer signals the hydraulic system to pump the brakes more quickly than human reflexes permit.
• The vehicle is equipped with a means of anticipating and/or detecting unwanted vehicle intrusion.
• A message, or specific light illuminates to indicate exactly which tire is under inflated or will display the exact pressure in each tire. Some systems also monitor the spare tire.

Technology and Telematics

• Smart device mirroring - Smartphone, meet smart car. You can control your device through your vehicle's infotainment system. Smart device mirroring brings together safety and convenience by making it easier to find what you're looking for while keeping your eyes on the road.

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  • TIRES: 265/50R20 BSW AS LRR