2020 Mazda CX-5 Touring


68,334 Miles
Jet Black Mica
Drive Type
All Wheel Drive
Gasoline Fuel 4 Cylinder Engine


Welcome to Janssen Kool Honda! Great Choice on this 2020 Mazda CX-5 Touring with Jet Black Mica Exterior and Black interior.
With 68334 miles


• Dual zone HVAC provides separate temperature controls for the driver and front passenger.
• The steering wheel has sections wrapped in leather and sections of metal-look plastic.
• The angle of the steering wheel is adjustable manually.
• The seating surfaces are covered with a combination of simulated suede and leatherette.
• A system that filters the air before it enters the passenger compartment of the vehicle.
• Rear underseat ducts direct HVAC airflow to the rear passenger compartment from under the front seats.
• HVAC ducts are located on the back of the front console which direct airflow to the rear passenger compartment.
• Sport seats have enhanced thigh and side-bolster support designed to hold the occupant in place during spirited driving.
• A single center armrest divides the front seating positions.
• A bench seat provides a common seating surface for all rear passengers.
• Some of the vehicle's glass has a dark, privacy tint.
• The door trim insert is leatherette.
• The head restraint(s) can be adjusted up or down.


• Cruise control maintains a preset vehicle speed; automatically increasing or decreasing throttle to maintain that speed.
• A proximity key with keyless entry and push button start allows the driver to unlock the vehicle by approaching it and/or touching the door handle. A keyfob or keycard carried by the driver identifies the person to the vehicle. The driver is then able to start the engine by twisting the ignition switch, pressing a button, or touching a select portion of the vehicle's interior.
• The keyfob and ignition key are integrated into one unit.
• An area is provided to securely hold beverages.
• An interior, rear-view mirror that has a manually operated switch that adjusts the mirror slightly, up or down, to reduce glare from traffic at night.
• A trip computer calculates and can display any, or all of the following functions: current fuel consumption, average speed, distance traveled, elapsed time, distance to empty and remaining fuel.
• A handheld keyfob capable of remotely operating all the door locks.
• The vehicle's front wiper system has low and high speeds, as well as a variable intermittent setting to change the pause length between wipes.
• Heating elements on the rear windshield.
• The first-row of glass on the side of the vehicle can be raised and lowered by electric motors.
• The second-row of glass on the side of the vehicle can retract into the body electrically.
• One-touch down power windows lower the glass completely with one press of the button.
• A systems monitor is a display screen that provides the driver with vehicle information and/or warnings in graphical and/or textual form.
• A trip odometer counts the miles or kilometers the vehicle travels and can be reset by the driver.
• A message, or specific light illuminates to indicate the vehicle's charging system is not producing acceptable levels.
• A message, or chime to indicate the key is still in the ignition when the engine is not running and the driver's door has been opened, or the key is out of range of the vehicle.
• Auxiliary controls for the audio system are located on the steering wheel.
• Spot lighting is provided for the driver and front passenger that is brighter and more focused than the dome lamp.
• The inner door panels have integrated storage bins.
• A remote release opens the fuel filler flap through mechanical linkage, with the lever located in the passenger compartment.
• The driver's foot rest, or dead pedal, is located on the left side of the driver's footwell.
• Retained accessory power allows power features (e.g., windows, radio, sunroof) to be operated for a set period of time after the engine is turned off but before a door is opened.

Exterior and Appearance

• Metallic paint is a base/clear paint containing small metallic flakes that reflect light and make the finish sparkle.
• A lip style rear spoiler is an additional, molded air foil piece attached to the rear of the vehicle. This type of spoiler has no gap between it and the vehicle.

Powertrain and Mechanical

• This feature permits the driver to choose different transmission shift management programs for an automatic transmission. Some vehicles have a system that features a performance shift pattern that holds the transmission in each gear longer to maximize acceleration, as well as an economy shift mode for a smoother, more fuel efficient operation. Some vehicles, mainly trucks and SUV's, feature a Tow/Haul mode that changes the shift pattern (or locks out the overdrive gear) to reduce sudden upshifts and downshifts when towing or hauling heavy loads.
• An automatic transmission eliminates manual clutching and shifting. It uses a fluid coupling system to transfer torque to the drive shaft, automatically advancing through the range of gears.
• The hydraulic functions of the automatic transmission, such as matching shift points to engine speed and other variables, are managed by electronic controls.
• All-wheel drive supplies power to both the front and rear axles all the time. Power is instantly redirected by the center differential to the wheels with greater traction when slip is detected. Unlike full-time 4-wheel drive systems, there is no 2-speed transfer case for 4WD Low operation.
• Speed sensing steering governs the amount of power assist inversely proportional to speed. The system provides greater assist when the vehicle is moving slowly, decreasing assist as speed increases.
• The engine is mounted ahead of the passenger compartment.
• An overdrive transmission has a final gear ratio that is less than 1:1. This means the driveshaft turns faster than the engine crankshaft, permitting the vehicle to maintain a constant speed at lower RPM.
• An electric power-assisted steering system replaces the traditional hydraulic system with a dedicated electric motor and sophisticated electronics.
• Battery run-down protection automatically turns off interior lights and accessory power after a set time period, or when the battery power level reaches a predetermined point, in order to prevent excessive power drain on the battery.

Safety and Security

• Forward collision mitigation - Forward thinking. You look away for just a second and suddenly the vehicle in front of you has stopped. That's when the forward collision mitigation system comes to life. When it senses an impending impact, it will activate a combination of features to help prevent or reduce the severity of an accident. Forward collision mitigation is always looking ahead.
• Pedestrian impact prevention - An extra step toward safety. Pedestrians don't always stop, look, and listen, but with Pedestrian Impact Prevention, your vehicle is equipped to better see them and avoid them. This system constantly monitors the road ahead to identify and track pedestrians. It projects that image to an interior display screen, AND should an impact become likely, Pedestrian impact prevention takes steps to avoid a collision.
• Rear camera - Watching your back! The rear camera helps you see obstacles and hazards you otherwise couldn't by showing enhanced images of what is behind you. The rear camera is an extra set of eyes that's both convenient and safe.
• Lane departure prevention - Keep it between the lines. It only takes a moment of inattention for your vehicle to drift. With lane departure prevention, your vehicle takes corrective action to help you avoid unintentionally moving out of your lane. Lane departure prevention is an extra level of safety for you and those around you.
• Daytime running lights provide headlamp illumination as soon as the vehicle is started.
• 4-wheel anti-lock brakes use computer-controlled sensors to continuously monitor the rotational speed of each wheel. When impending wheel lockup is detected the computer signals the hydraulic system to pump the brakes more quickly than human reflexes permit.
• The auxiliary brake light (CHMSL) is located in a center position at the rear of the vehicle, higher than traditional brake lamps.
• A button on the remote keyfob that, when pressed, will activate the vehicle's horn or siren, interior lights, and cause the exterior lights to flash.

Technology and Telematics

• Smart device mirroring - Smartphone, meet smart car. You can control your device through your vehicle's infotainment system. Smart device mirroring brings together safety and convenience by making it easier to find what you're looking for while keeping your eyes on the road.

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