2021 Nissan Titan PRO-4X


56,197 Miles
Red Alert
Drive Type
Four Wheel Drive
Gasoline Fuel 8 Cylinder Engine


Welcome to Janssen Kool Honda! Great Choice on this 2021 Nissan Titan PRO-4X with Red Alert Exterior and Black interior.
With 55189 miles

No Accidents!

PRO-4X Convenience Package ($3,390 value)

  • 4-Way Power Assist Seat
  • Heated Rear Seats
  • Heated Driver and Passenger Seat
  • Heated Power Tilt/telescopic Steering Wheel
  • Intelligent Around View Monitor (I-AVM)
  • Side Turn Signal Lamps on Mirror Housing
  • Memory Driver Seat with Auto Entry/exit Feature
  • Leather Seat Trim
  • Power Folding Auto Dimming Outside Mirrors
  • Remote Engine Start on Key Fob

PRO-4X Utility Package ($2,190 value)

  • 110V Outlet in Bed
  • Fender Premium Audio System with 12 Speakers
  • LED Under Rail Bed Lighting
  • LED Tailgate Area Illumination
  • Front and Rear Parking Sensors
  • Proximity Activation
  • Rear Utility Bed Step
  • Power Sliding Rear Window with Defogger
  • Trailer Brake Controller
  • Electronic Locking Tailgate
  • Trailer Light Check Function on Key Fob
  • Utilitrack System with 4 Tie-Down Cleats

PRO-4X Moonroof Package ($1,490 value)

  • Dual Panel Panoramic Moonroof with Tilt and Slide
  • Driver and Passenger Ventilated Front Seats

Off Road Protection Package ($490 value)

  • All Season Floor Mats


• Ventilated front seats -That's cool. Ventilated front seats provides targeted cool air so you and your passenger can get comfortable quicker in hot weather. Getting comfortable is no sweat when you have ventilated front seats.
• Heated steering wheel - A warm touch. Trying to drive with bulky winter gloves on isn't always easy. Keep your hands warm in cold temperatures so you can ditch the mitts and get a firm grip with this heated steering wheel.
• Heated rear seats - That's hot. Heated rear seats provide more targeted warmth so passengers can get comfortable quicker in cold weather. If they have lower back pain, they might also be soothed by the heat during the drive. No matter the weather, find comfort in the heated rear seats.
• Heated driver and front passenger seatbacks - That's hot. Heated driver and front passenger seatbacks provide more targeted warmth so you can get comfortable quicker in cold weather. If you have lower back pain, you might also be soothed by the heat while you drive. No matter the weather, find comfort in heated driver and front passenger seatbacks.
• Leather seat upholstery - superior sitting. There's more class in the cabin with leather seat upholstery. The leather material is luxurious to the touch, offers a distinctive look, and is easy to clean. Put a little luxury behind you with leather seat upholstery.
• Dual zone front climate controls - comfort is on your side. They're too hot, so you change the temp and now.. you're too cold. Stop the wild temperature swings inside the cabin with dual zone front climate controls. The driver and front passenger can set their individual preference so no one has to settle for the unhappy medium. Find your own comfort zone with dual zone front climate controls.
• Leather rear seat upholstery - superior sitting. There's more class in the cabin with leather rear seat upholstery. The leather material is luxurious to the touch, offers a distinctive look, and is easy to clean. Put a little luxury behind you with leather rear seat upholstery.
• Automatic air conditioning - Constantly fiddling with the A-C controls to maintain the cabin temperature is frustrating and distracting. Automatic air conditioning takes care of it for you by automatically adjusting the thermostat and fan settings as needed to maintain the temperature you select. Keep your cool, with automatic air conditioning.
• Your driving glove. A leather wrapped steering wheel brings the touch of luxury to your drive.
• Cabin air filter - breathing freshness into your drive. Cabin air filter increases everyone's comfort by reducing allergens, dust and even outdoor odors that enter the vehicle. Keep the outside contaminants out with cabin air filter.
• This feature provides increased comfort for rear seat passengers.
• This feature provides increased comfort for rear seat passengers.
• 8-way driver seat - Comfort that conforms to you! It doesn't matter how long your drive is; if you aren't comfortable while you're behind the wheel, every trip feels like a chore. With 8-way driver seat, finding the perfect position is easy, so you can sit back, (or up, or a little forward), relax and enjoy the journey.
• Individual driver and front passenger seats provide generous room and comfort.
• Front seat center armrest - comfort in the middle ground. There's room for two to relax with front seat center armrest. It divides the front seating positions with a top that both the driver and passenger can use. Front seat center armrest puts your comfort front and center.
• Power 2-way driver lumbar - It's got your back. How you feel while driving is just as important as how your car drives. Enhance your comfort with power 2-way driver lumbar. Simply set it to the support you want for your lower back, and it will reduce the strain you would feel otherwise. Power 2-way driver lumbar supports your right to drive comfortably.
• 60-40 folding rear seat - Down for whatever. Sometimes you need a little more room for your cargo. Other times...you need a lot more room. 60-40 split folding rear seat provides you with added versatility so you can load passengers and cargo in multiple combinations. Fold one side down for long items and still have room for your passengers. Or fold both sides down to load large items. With 60-40 folding rear seat, it all fits.
• A center armrest contributes to a more comfortable driving environment.
• Deep tinted windows - a dark outlook. Sometimes the road ahead being bright is a bad thing. Deep tinted windows tame the level of light entering your vehicle meaning less eye fatigue; and they offer reprieve from prying eyes, too. Take the edge off the sunshine with deep tinted windows.
• Height adjustable front seat head restraints - the height of safety. One size doesn't fit all when it comes to keeping you safe, and that's why there are height adjustable front seat head restraints. They allow you to place the restraint at the correct height behind your head, providing greater neck protection in the event of a collision. Get it to the right place for the right time with Height adjustable front seat head restraints.
• Seat Memory - Save your seat. You don't have to recreate all the tweaks and fiddles that got you the perfect seated position every time someone else drives. Settle into your comfort zone faster with memory settings that remember your favorite position automatically. Thanks to seat memory, sharing a seat just got easier.


• Cruise control with steering wheel mounted controls. Set it and forget it. Road trips used to be stressful, until cruise control set the pace. Simply set the desired speed using the steering wheel mounted controls and it will maintain that speed without driver intervention. This can help minimize driver fatigue and improve overall fuel economy. Resting your right foot is right at your fingertips thanks to cruise control with steering wheel mounted controls.
• Keyfob engine start control - Get an early start. Remotely start your vehicle's engine from the key fob, ensuring your ride is ready to go when you get in. Now you can stay comfortable inside while your vehicle gets comfortable outside, thanks to Keyfob engine start control.
• Retractable rear step - Cut out the climb. Getting in and out of the truck bed can be as big a chore as the actual chore for which you need the pickup. But not with retractable rear step. Located at the lower rear of the pickup box, it helps you get in and out of the box and bed easier. Retractable rear step is a helping hand for your feet.
• Heated passenger side door mirror - See what thaws. Whether it's the convenience of not having to stand out in the cold to scrape it off before you get going, or the safety of clearing the frost that accumulates while you drive, the heated passenger side door mirror is easy to warm up to. Get better visibility for a safer drive with your heated passenger side door mirror.
• Power rear windshield - back draft. Let the breeze through with power rear windshield. With a touch of the button you've opened up the interior for a more refreshing drive. If it gets too windy or cold, it's also effortless to close. Power rear windshield is open about being easy.
• Exterior temperature display - What temp is it? You will know exactly what you're about to step into with exterior temperature display. The ambient air temperature outside is displayed inside your vehicle so you know whether you need a sunhat or wool cap. Exterior temperature display provides you with a heads up, before you head out.
• Beverage holders prevent spills and free the driver's hands, which increases safe operation of the vehicle.
• Day-night rear view mirror - Getting blinded by the lights can really rev you up. But with day-night rear view mirror you can reduce the glare by adjusting the angle with the flip of a switch. The day-night rear view mirror doesn't let what's behind you affect what's ahead.
• Trip computer - Drive smarter. Know more about your journey with a trip computer. It can calculate and display things like current fuel consumption, average speed, or distance to empty. Knowledge is power, so have more of it behind the wheel with a trip computer.
• This feature helps to remove frost/ice/snow for increased visibility.
• This feature helps to keep the driver informed about the status of systems on the vehicle.
• A trip odometer is useful for keeping track of distance traveled during a trip or between fill-ups.
• Key location warning - Saved by the bell. Key location warning helps you keep your keys with you. A message or chime will let you know if the key is still in the ignition when the engine is not running and the driver's door has been opened, or if the key is out of range of the vehicle. Knowledge is...well, you know...and you'll always have it with key location warning.
• Steering wheel mounted audio controls - safe and sound. Steering wheel mounted audio controls allow you to keep both hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road while you control the soundtrack to your drive. No more reaching for the dial, or glancing away from traffic to find the right station or song. Steering wheel mounted audio controls puts everything you need at your fingertips.
• This is convenient for keeping maps, magazines and other items for easy access.
• Rear door bins - storage by their side! From spare change to hair ties, a door bin is a convenient place to for your passengers to put smaller items. It's location on the interior of the door puts it all within easy reach. You can store and access it in a flash, with a rear door bins.

Exterior and Appearance

• Rear splash guards - Splish, splash, and don't need a bath. Now you can go off-road without taking off your vehicles shine, thanks to rear splash guards. They are installed at the rear edge of the fender behind the wheel well and protect the sides of your vehicle from road debris. Splash through mud and hit the gravel roads! With rear splash guards, the fun stays with you, not on your vehicle.
• Front splash guards - Splish, splash, and don't need a bath. Now you can go off-road without taking off your vehicles shine, thanks to front splash guards. They are installed at the rear edge of the front fender behind the wheel well and protect the sides of your vehicle from road debris. Splash through mud and hit the gravel roads! With front splash guards, the fun stays with you, not on your vehicle.
• Basecoat/clearcoat paint - Durable duo. Basecoat/clearcoat paint is all about keeping your color. The base layer is covered by a clear coat to help protect it against UV rays, scratches, harmful chemicals, and other elements of nature. It also adds depth and shine! The advantages are clear with basecoat/clearcoat paint.

In-car Entertainment

• Brand name speakers - ear candy. Get exceptional sound quality with brand name speakers. They have been fine-tuned and engineered specifically for your vehicle for an enhanced listening experience. Having brand name speakers is sound advice.

Powertrain and Mechanical

• Transmission electronic controls contribute to improved fuel efficiency, and enhance shift smoothness by reducing torque at shift points.
• Smooth operator. An automatic transmission eliminates the need to shift gears for smoother, more efficient driving.
• 4-wheel drive - All four safety. In wet or slippery conditions the more grip your wheels can maintain, the safer your drive. 4-wheel drive delivers power to all four wheels providing excellent traction in adverse weather and road conditions. Get a firm grip on the road and added peace of mind in poor weather conditions with 4-wheel drive.
• Electronic transfer case shift - grip at your fingertips. When the road conditions change, electronic transfer case shift makes it easy to engage the four wheel drive. It's as simple as pressing a switch or turning a knob! Take on any road with 4-wheel drive and switch back to 2-wheel with ease, when you have electronic transfer case shift.

Safety and Security

• Forward collision mitigation - Forward thinking. You look away for just a second and suddenly the vehicle in front of you has stopped. That's when the forward collision mitigation system comes to life. When it senses an impending impact, it will activate a combination of features to help prevent or reduce the severity of an accident. Forward collision mitigation is always looking ahead.
• Pedestrian impact prevention - An extra step toward safety. Pedestrians don't always stop, look, and listen, but with Pedestrian Impact Prevention, your vehicle is equipped to better see them and avoid them. This system constantly monitors the road ahead to identify and track pedestrians. It projects that image to an interior display screen, AND should an impact become likely, Pedestrian impact prevention takes steps to avoid a collision.
• Rear camera - Watching your back! The rear camera helps you see obstacles and hazards you otherwise couldn't by showing enhanced images of what is behind you. The rear camera is an extra set of eyes that's both convenient and safe.
• Aerial View Camera - Be above the fray. Aerial View Camera makes low speed maneuvers such as parking or reversing easier than ever. By using a composite image from cameras positioned around the vehicle to give you a top-down view, you can see all the obstacles in your way. Thanks to Aerial View Camera, taking it from the top means doing it once.
• LED daytime running lights - Brighten your day. LED daytime running lights increase your visibility to oncoming traffic and in adverse weather conditions, so you can be seen and be safe. LED lights are also brighter and more efficient that incandescent bulbs, for even greater visibility to other drivers. Stand out all the time, with LED daytime running lights.
• LED brake lights - Stand out in back. LED brake lights give you an edge on safety. They light up faster and are brighter than incandescent bulbs, giving you greater visibility sooner to the cars behind you. The faster they know you're stopping, the safer everyone is, especially at night. LED bulbs are also longer lasting and more efficient than traditional bulbs. Speed is of the essence with LED brake lights.
• Four wheel Anti-Lock Braking System - A break in the weather. When you need to stop fast, you can't have it depend on the road and/or weather conditions. Four wheel ABS Brakes pump the brakes more quickly than a driver could, so the wheels won't lock up even if you slam on the brakes. That results in significantly reducing stopping distances and improved steering control. Get the stopping power you need with Four Wheel ABS Brakes.
• LED pickup box cargo light - Light it up to load it up. The sun may have set, but the work ain't done. Beat back the dark with this LED pickup box cargo light. It provides the light you need so you can keep loading up when the sun is down. An LED pickup box cargo light can't lift the cargo for you, but it can show you the way.

Technology and Telematics

• Smart device mirroring - Smartphone, meet smart car. You can control your device through your vehicle's infotainment system. Smart device mirroring brings together safety and convenience by making it easier to find what you're looking for while keeping your eyes on the road.
• Mobile hotspot - WiFi on the fly. Connect your devices to the Internet through your vehicle's private mobile hotspot and take the internet wherever your journey takes you, without eating up your data allowance. Find the hotspot with mobile hotspot.

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