2022 Chevrolet Equinox LT


45,969 Miles
Summit White
Drive Type
Front Wheel Drive
Jet Black
Gasoline Fuel 4 Cylinder Engine


Welcome to Janssen Kool Honda! Great Choice on this 2022 Chevrolet Equinox LT with Summit White Exterior and Jet Black interior.
With 45969 miles

No Accidents!

Preferred Equipment Group 1LT


    • Manual tilt steering wheel - Easy to fit in. The most comfortable position for your steering wheel while you drive can mean having to squeeze past it to get in and out of the vehicle. With the manual tilt steering wheel it's easy to find the perfect fit for all situations.
    • Cloth upholstery is comfortable in all seasons.
    • Cloth upholstery is comfortable in all seasons.
    • Manual air conditioning - beat the heat. Take the edge off sweltering weather with manual climate controls. You can set the mode, temperature and speed of the fan so you can be comfortable on your drive no matter the temperature outside. Keep it cool with manual air conditioning.
    • Cabin air filter - breathing freshness into your drive. Cabin air filter increases everyone's comfort by reducing allergens, dust and even outdoor odors that enter the vehicle. Keep the outside contaminants out with cabin air filter.
    • This feature provides increased comfort for rear seat passengers.
    • This feature provides increased comfort for rear seat passengers.
    • Individual driver and front passenger seats provide generous room and comfort.
    • Front seat center armrest - comfort in the middle ground. There's room for two to relax with front seat center armrest. It divides the front seating positions with a top that both the driver and passenger can use. Front seat center armrest puts your comfort front and center.
    • Rear bench seat - room for more. It's a more comfortable ride for everyone with rear bench seat. It provides a common seating surface for the rear passengers, so they aren't stuck in one spot. Get it all in a row with rear bench seat.
    • A center armrest contributes to a more comfortable driving environment.
    • Deep tinted windows - a dark outlook. Sometimes the road ahead being bright is a bad thing. Deep tinted windows tame the level of light entering your vehicle meaning less eye fatigue; and they offer reprieve from prying eyes, too. Take the edge off the sunshine with deep tinted windows.
    • Height adjustable front seat head restraints - the height of safety. One size doesn't fit all when it comes to keeping you safe, and that's why there are height adjustable front seat head restraints. They allow you to place the restraint at the correct height behind your head, providing greater neck protection in the event of a collision. Get it to the right place for the right time with Height adjustable front seat head restraints.


    • Cruise control with steering wheel mounted controls. Set it and forget it. Road trips used to be stressful, until cruise control set the pace. Simply set the desired speed using the steering wheel mounted controls and it will maintain that speed without driver intervention. This can help minimize driver fatigue and improve overall fuel economy. Resting your right foot is right at your fingertips thanks to cruise control with steering wheel mounted controls.
    • Capless fuel filler - Fill it in a flash. You don't have to worry about forgetting your gas cap at the station any more, thanks to capless fuel filler! You simply insert the nozzle directly through the spring-loaded flap and start pumping. Plus, it has an anti-siphoning filler neck so you don't have to worry about fuel theft. Getting gas is quick and easy with capless fuel filler.
    • Auto-locking doors - Close out crime. Auto-locking doors make sure that would be intruders never make it past `would be'. It locks the doors automatically when the vehicle is put into gear or reaches a predetermined speed, so that no one can force themselves into your vehicle. With auto-locking doors, you are safe inside.
    • Exterior temperature display - What temp is it? You will know exactly what you're about to step into with exterior temperature display. The ambient air temperature outside is displayed inside your vehicle so you know whether you need a sunhat or wool cap. Exterior temperature display provides you with a heads up, before you head out.
    • Beverage holders prevent spills and free the driver's hands, which increases safe operation of the vehicle.
    • Illuminated driver vanity mirror - Look into the light. Whether it's make-up on the go, or a quick glance before a big interview, illuminated driver vanity mirror can reassure you you're looking your best. And since it has lighting, you can even check up on yourself before your big night out. Reflect on how you look anytime with illuminated driver vanity mirror.
    • Illuminated passenger vanity mirror - Look into the light. Whether it's make-up on the go, or a quick glance before a big interview, illuminated passenger vanity mirror can reassure you you're looking your best. And since it has lighting, you can even check up on yourself before your big night out. Reflect on how you look anytime with illuminated passenger vanity mirror.
    • Day-night rear view mirror - Getting blinded by the lights can really rev you up. But with day-night rear view mirror you can reduce the glare by adjusting the angle with the flip of a switch. The day-night rear view mirror doesn't let what's behind you affect what's ahead.
    • Trip computer - Drive smarter. Know more about your journey with a trip computer. It can calculate and display things like current fuel consumption, average speed, or distance to empty. Knowledge is power, so have more of it behind the wheel with a trip computer.
    • Driver one-touch up window - A touch is all it takes. When you're ready to shut out the outside world, driver one-touch up window makes it easy. One push is all you need to completely raise the window, allowing you to return your hands to the wheel quicker. Close up fast with driver one-touch up window.
    • The variable intermittent setting allows the wipers to be adjusted based on the amount of moisture the vehicle is driving through.
    • This feature helps to remove frost/ice/snow for increased visibility.
    • Power first-row side windows - Drop the roll. Staying in shape is good, but do you really need the full arm workout of manual windows? All it takes is a push of a button with power first-row side windows. When you're ready to get some fresh air, or have had enough of it, let your finger do all the work for you. Stop the twists and turns of trying to open a window with power first-row side windows.
    • Power second-row side windows - Drop the roll. Staying in shape is good, but do you really need the full arm workout of manual windows? All it takes is a push of a button with power second-row side windows. When you're ready to get some fresh air, or have had enough of it, let your finger do all the work for you. Stop the twists and turns of trying to open a window with power second-row side windows.
    • Power door locks with 2 stage unlocking - Easy in for everybody. The most convenient way to get into your car is with power door locks. With 2 stage unlocking, one more click will open up the rest of the doors, too. This way you can open up for your passengers, or have the security of just opening up for yourself. Choose who you let in with power door locks with 2-stage unlocking.
    • A trip odometer is useful for keeping track of distance traveled during a trip or between fill-ups.
    • Key location warning - Saved by the bell. Key location warning helps you keep your keys with you. A message or chime will let you know if the key is still in the ignition when the engine is not running and the driver's door has been opened, or if the key is out of range of the vehicle. Knowledge is...well, you know...and you'll always have it with key location warning.
    • Service interval indicator - right on schedule. Routine servicing of your vehicle helps extend its life and keep it running well. Reminders of when the service is needed helps keep your life running smoothly. The indicator light turns on when your vehicle needs to be taken in for routine servicing, so you don't have to worry about forgetting. Help keep your car thriving with the service interval indicator.
    • Front reading lights - Bright on target. Turning on the dome light while you're moving can be distracting for the driver and make it harder to see out of the car. That's where front reading lights come in handy. They are brighter and more focused than the overhead dome light, so you can use them to look at maps or relax with some other reading material without affecting the driver. See what you need to see with front reading lights!
    • Rear door bins - storage by their side! From spare change to hair ties, a door bin is a convenient place to for your passengers to put smaller items. It's location on the interior of the door puts it all within easy reach. You can store and access it in a flash, with a rear door bins.

    Exterior and Appearance

    • Rear lip spoiler - a heightened drive. The faster you go, the more stabilization you need; get it with rear lip spoiler. It's more than just a sporty decoration; it deflects air upwards, creating downforce for added stabilization and improved handling at higher speeds. When it comes to looking good and getting performance to match, rear lip spoiler is the perfect fit.
    • Front license plate bracket - Idle registry. Front license plate bracket provides a place to mount the license plate to the front bumper or fascia of the vehicle.

    Powertrain and Mechanical

    • Variable valve timing - Change your output. There are a lot of variables in your drive, so why should your engine always operate the same? With variable valve timing, the engine is efficient at both low and high RPM's, so you get better fuel efficiency, cleaner emissions and improved performance. Variable valve timing provides a better drive, every time.
    • Sequential shift control - Take control when you want it. Sequential shift control gives you the best attributes of manual and automatic transmissions. With the option to shift manually, you'll feel the power of the engine as you pick up speed. Or let the transmission do the work for you as you crawl through rush hour traffic. Whether you're in search of thrills or convenience, the choice is yours with sequential shift control.
    • Smooth operator. An automatic transmission eliminates the need to shift gears for smoother, more efficient driving.
    • The weight of the engine and transmission over the front driving wheels provides good traction for all but the most severe road and weather conditions.

    Safety and Security

    • Forward collision mitigation - Forward thinking. You look away for just a second and suddenly the vehicle in front of you has stopped. That's when the forward collision mitigation system comes to life. When it senses an impending impact, it will activate a combination of features to help prevent or reduce the severity of an accident. Forward collision mitigation is always looking ahead.
    • Pedestrian impact prevention - An extra step toward safety. Pedestrians don't always stop, look, and listen, but with Pedestrian Impact Prevention, your vehicle is equipped to better see them and avoid them. This system constantly monitors the road ahead to identify and track pedestrians. It projects that image to an interior display screen, AND should an impact become likely, Pedestrian impact prevention takes steps to avoid a collision.
    • Rear camera - Watching your back! The rear camera helps you see obstacles and hazards you otherwise couldn't by showing enhanced images of what is behind you. The rear camera is an extra set of eyes that's both convenient and safe.

    Technology and Telematics

    • Mobile hotspot - WiFi on the fly. Connect your devices to the Internet through your vehicle's private mobile hotspot and take the internet wherever your journey takes you, without eating up your data allowance. Find the hotspot with mobile hotspot.

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    • WHEELS 17 (43.2 CM) ALUMINUM